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Xtreme X20
* Hydrate:X2O sachets actually makes watter wetter by changing the molecular structure. This dramatically improves your body hydration at the cellular level.
* Mineralize: Every sachets of X2O contains calcium, magnesium and over 70 trace minerals. These essential minerals & electrolytes become ionic in water allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily by your body,
* Revitalize: Alkalinity = good health. X2O transforms your water into a powerful alkaline beverage while creating beneficial antioxidants at the same time. This help to slow the aging process and fight against the physcial stress caused by our fast past lifestyles.

Focus Up
* Improves your focus, memory, mood, concentration and mental performance.
* Its a Long-lasting energy boost without the jitters and energy crashes associated with today's popular energy drinks and shots.
* With no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservatives, acidic carbonation, sucrose or fructose and just 10 calories per serving.

Free Sample Pack
The mission of Xooma Worldwide Is to:"Change The Health Of A Generation".
To really change the health of our generarion, Our Corporate team realized that they had to get their products into our generation.

To accomplish this Xooma Worldwide offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on the first order of any of their more than 30 high quality wellness products. I am authorize to have our shipped to you a free sample pack of two of our best selling products, Xtreme x2o and Focus Up.

Contact me using my Bontact form for information on how you can get a free sample of our product, or go to and try any of our products.
You are guarantee to like them or you don't pay for them.

Carneal Harris
Xooma Worldwide Certified Hydration Specialist

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